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since 1964

SAVING Transped S.r.l.

In 1975 is established, in the historical centre of Florence, through the enterprise of some associates coming from other companies of the trade, a small local company, Transped S.r.l. Through the years, the company acquires more and more importance, both on the national and international markets. In 1999, Transped S.r.l. joins Saving Group, changing its name in SAVINGTransped S.r.l. In 2002, the company changes completely, either with new management and staff, and with new technological systems, also creating a special dedicated office to join new agents all over the world. During 2003, SAVING Transped S.r.l. moves its offices and warehouses to the new location in Osmannoro, near Florence Airport Amerigo Vespucci and the future Terminal of the Custom-House of Florence.
SAVING Transped S.r.l. is able to provide for international air and sea freight services, consolidations and direct shipments to every destination, offering a full and qualified assistance "door to door", from sender's address to the recipient, followed by its skilled staff and reliable and professional agents all over the world.

The offered services:

- air shipments: SAVING Transped S.r.l. offers the best service and full assistance, from the sender's address to the consignee, within the most competitive rates of the market. Moreover, thank to long and strong relationship with agents all over the world, it can grant the highest level of safety and quickness in shipments. Saving Transped carries out weekly consolidation shipments from and to the major world markets, granting excellent transit times.

- sea shipments: SAVING Transped S.r.l. offers a professional and reliable service, due to its well organized structure that gives the opportunity to propose a diversified range of sea freight forwarding services, including consolidation services for part and/or full container load cargo, and for break bulk and project cargo, for any weight and dimension, from and to the major international ports.

- land shipments: thanks to its strategic location in the centre of Italy and to the cooperation with its associated offices in the Italian territory as well as with agents in several European countries, SAVING Transped S.r.l. is able to offer an efficient service, with multi-weekly departures from and to the main European Cities/Terminals. Our human and technical resources, with years of experience in the international shipping trade of our staff and the updated software systems, give SAVING Transped S.r.l. the possibility to offer not only consolidation services, but also complete trucks, dedicated vans for any type of goods, and "on-carried" shipments for any destination, granting a high level of reliability.

- custom operations: SAVING Transped S.r.l. offers its experience and reliability for export, import and transit custom operations. Through its offices and its sister offices in Italy, they can carry out the following operations:
·         Import and export customs operations
·         Obtaining Import Licence at Chambers of Commerce and Ministers of the Industry
·         Bonded warehousing
·         Drawback for duty refunds
·         Any kind of customs entry

- insurance services: SAVING Transped S.r.l. offers the following Insurance Coverage:
·         Insurance and Re-Insurance for goods transportations
·         Insurance on goods left at warehouse
·         Any type of Warranty Policies

- warehouse services: SAVING Transped S.r.l. offers its customers storage in its warehouse, logistic and distribution services, as well as collection and packing service adequate to the different shipment requirements.